Garden Planning service
Garden Planning service

Garden Planning service

Garden Planning starts with ideating by identifying the garden areas for improvement by carefully planning the design for plant placement. A garden will be replenished with amazing effect when a border is added and new planting ideas are put into effect to renovate your existing garden. Our full-scale garden planning services of Remodelling Landscapes will frame aesthetic planting advice for the garden and furnish some great planting ideas and plans for the whole garden redesign.

Whatever is the garden design decided upon, and the plants are chosen, Simon Cragie will always provide the necessary services like leaf and litter collection, sweeping the steps and under the doormat, keeping the surrounding bin areas clean, and clearing the footpaths.

Simon knows garden and lawn maintenance is a part of garden planning service. If the grass is dry then cutting the grass upto a certain height to maintain the lawn areas keeps the lawn looking smooth and clear. There are more in the bucket that is fulfilled – grass cutting collection, raking the grass area, checking the weeds, and leaving them to display a better play of biodiversity.

Edging the lawn borders by using tools like edging shears is included in the garden planning design and construction that maintains the overall shape of the lawn and garden. Maybe once per year, for redefining the edges, Simon would use the edging iron tool to maintain the garden at its uplifted level. Reaching the higher tops of the hedges and Shrubs more than 15 feet becomes easier because Simon uses the extendable Professional WAKU German-made ladder. To reach much higher than 20 feet, Pole Loppers are used.

Simon ensures following the formative pruning methods to standard as he has learned from the Royal Horticultural Society Ireland. He refers to the RHS Gardening Manual for reference and best practice.

Simon will readily answer your phone call whenever you need to get in touch for garden planning services.