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Creating Dream Outdoor Spaces:
Simon Craigie, a distinguished horticulture expert is dedicated to honing horticulture craft and skills by utilizing rigorous landscaping practices. He has learned it all from the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland. Passionate about plants and outdoor spaces, Simon capitalizes on his wealth of knowledge and experience to work on any landscaping project.

At Remodelling Landscapes, designing the landscapes is the zeal to bring out the aesthetic best in a property. Likewise, Simon believes in being nurtured by nature for external charms to benefit the physicality of outdoor space. Nature truly delights every sense, while enriching people's lives and cheerfully encourages a sense of general well-being.

Being committed to excellence, Simon's mission is making a good garden and landscape design that is sustainable, affordable, and achievable.

Simon Cragie believes every garden holds enough potential to stand out as a masterpiece. Our commitment is delivering top–quality horticultural and landscaping services to convert a vision to real life.

Yes, we have a mission too! Our mission is to create and maintain beautiful, sustainable outdoor spaces which will be harmonious with nature. We are providing a full landscaping service starting with initial consultancy, through designs and final constructions.


We haveThree main mission goals
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To share our accumulative garden experience.

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To challenge through educate together.

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To continue with the ergonomics of our practices

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