Garden Consultancy
Garden Consultancy

Garden Consultancy

Whatever might be the garden-related challenges, you are always welcome to harness Simon's expertise by consulting him to design a dream garden of your choice. Simon Craigie is among the most active and advanced Garden Design Planning Consultant. He is widely admired for his high-quality plans and consultancy regarding meeting all client's needs. Our company's service model is an intelligent and simplified process based on customers' needs to build up aesthetic settings.

It could be the grass should be fed or a sand/compost top dressing to decide which improvements should be done and at the right time of the year. Late March to May, that is early Spring, or September to mid-October that is early autumn is the good time of the year for sowing new grass seeds.

Simon will likewise discuss which time of the year is best for different lawn treatments. Together, we shall decide when should grass be cut – maybe once per week, often every two weeks, and sometimes during winter maybe once per month, or less often.

When the weather is very dry, we would raise the blades and leave the grass longer. Longer grass can better tolerate the hot dry weather.

As a part of our consultation, we would talk about creating more habitats, especially the native habitat supporting the native fauna like wildflower meadows, native woodlands, native hedgerows, heritage orchards, wildlife ponds, and more to name a few. That is why Simon is offering garden consultancy and biodiversity –

Community Biodiversity Projects 

  • Biodiversity Action Plans for local tidy towns, communities, and more
  • Biodiversity Actions Plans Consultation for towns and villages.

Biodiversity Garden Consultancy And Designs

  • Garden designs for biodiversity
  • Individual garden consultation for biodiversity and growing food
  • Eco-landscaping that returns a garden to nature.

Feel free to consult us for a consultation on garden design construction and biodiversity.