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Simon Cragie's landscaping company, Remodelling Landscape is all concerned about quality living in an enticing green space. With equal enthusiasm, Simon is also providing a Green Waste Removal Service. A renowned garden consultancy, Remodelling Landscapes is, where the property owners receive all sorts of possible gardening services related to garden development projects like site measurement, pre-site surveys, garden designs, new plant fitting and its associated works, plant installation, seasonal plant composition, and garden maintenance. Simon's landscaping passion is all for outdoor space transformation into a captivating landscape by drawing an innovative design. Furthermore, hedging is among the major gardening services to enhance the property's privacy in a visually appealing way.

Garden Planning service

Know AboutGarden Planning service

Garden Planning starts with ideating by identifying the garden areas for improvement by carefully planning the design for plant placement. A garden will be replenished with amazing effect when a border is added and new planting ideas are put into effect to renovate your existing garden. Our full-scale garden planning services of Remodelling Landscapes will frame aesthetic planting advice for the garden and furnish some great planting ideas and plans for the whole garden redesign. Whatever is the garden design decided upon, and the plants are chosen, Simon Cragie will always provide the necessary services like leaf and litter collection, sweeping the steps and under the doormat, keeping the surrounding bin areas clean, and clearing the footpaths. Simon knows garden and lawn maintenance is a...
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Garden Consultancy

Know AboutGarden Consultancy

Whatever might be the garden-related challenges, you are always welcome to harness Simon's expertise by consulting him to design a dream garden of your choice. Simon Craigie is among the most active and advanced Garden Design Planning Consultant. He is widely admired for his high-quality plans and consultancy regarding meeting all client's needs. Our company's service model is an intelligent and simplified process based on customers' needs to build up aesthetic settings. It could be the grass should be fed or a sand/compost top dressing to decide which improvements should be done and at the right time of the year. Late March to May, that is early Spring, or September to mid-October that is early autumn is the good time of the year for sowing new grass seeds. Simon will likewise discuss whi...
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Garden Projects

Know AboutGarden Projects

Simon has included all the Gardening Design, Garden Construction, Garden Care, and Maintenance in Gardening Projects. Starting with planting to pruning, our gardening services cater to all plant-related needs. Excelling at general horticultural skills, Simon acceses the garden projects. His services cover everything from sowing, weeding, digging, soil preparation, and harvesting. Using the handheld tools, Simon adds planting seasonally, hangs the baskets, and plants up any pots. Additionally, he supplies plant bulbs and does the necessary pruning and hedge cutting all year round. As agreed upon, Simon would provide garden maintenance services on a regular basis and talk about the planting requirements. Equally, he shall complete planting trees, mulch the beds using the Gee-Up and initializ...
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Garden Maintenance

Know AboutGarden Maintenance

To make the stress out of your garden maintenance, trust Remodelling Landscapes. Simon Cragie shall ensure your garden is year-round a vibrant oasis. Remodelling Landscapes is offering an unrivaled garden maintenance service to keep the garden of its top aesthetic quality. Our garden maintenance services are for semi-detached houses to larger properties on larger grounds. Whatever might be the property size, Simon's principles remain the same – dedication, expertise, and unparalleled quality finish. After an initial consultation, Simon draws up a plan to include all services befitting the client's needs, to highlight the garden's visual appearance, functionality, and affordability. As will be agreed, the contract will be done on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis....
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Garden Construction

Know AboutGarden Construction

The garden construction services Simon Craigie is providing focussed on the hard landscaping stage of a garden project. The starting phase is the preparation, construction, and cleaning of the garden to set it up for the next, planting stage. Simon is extensively experienced in undertaking garden construction tasks, which include garden edging, garden patios, and garden sheds. Garden construction requirements are varied, and Simon has vast experience to ensure doing the job correctly. The pricing is based on the requirements and what the owners are willing to spend. Spend some time and talk to Simon and decide how you want your garden constructed.  
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